Claims Insight: Reducing Administrative Burden

Process Claims Faster

As a result of the constant desire to improve performance, insurance claim processes are always evolving. Nobody knows that more than Project Managers in the field, who are being given more authority to process claims, while also being the eyes and ears of the Adjuster. This added responsibility comes with new challenges that require a different approach.

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Claims Insight: Making Encircle Part of Your Catastrophe Protocol

The biggest challenge facing the insurance industry today is managing catastrophic events. With ever-increasing occurrences of extreme weather events in highly populated areas, servicing claims effectively has become a growing priority. Global insured catastrophe losses have reached an all-time high of $135 billion annually and insurers are facing mounting pressure to adopt measures to more effectively respond to disasters.

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After the Flood: 7 Steps to Save Your Home

Broken pipes, malfunctioning appliances, and intense weather conditions are just a few of the main causes of interior flooding. One in four homes in high-risk areas will flood during a 30-year mortgage, yet nearly 20% of all flood insurance claims come from moderate to low-risk areas. That’s why taking steps to safeguard your home and prevent flooding is crucial no matter where you live.

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The Worst of the Worst: 5 Monster Hurricanes and the Destruction They Left

We are in the heart of the Atlantic hurricane season. This year, we’ve already seen Hurricane Florence and Michael cause extensive damage across the Southern United States. In the wake of this destruction, we’ve pulled together a list of the most destructive hurricanes that have hit the United States to see how they compare.

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Top 5 Reasons Front-Line Technicians Need To Be Involved In Documenting Claims

You hear it in every industry: front-line workers often know more about what’s happening in the business than the people running it. There is some truth to this statement, especially for the restoration industry. This is why it’s critical to make sure you involve front-line technicians in the claims process.

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Inventory Your Home – Hurricane Season Is Here

Hurricane season is a deadly time across the United States. It brings with it some of the most active and dangerous weather seen all year. Torrential downpours and wild winds lead to flash flooding and extensive property damage. Learn more about what we’ve been seeing this hurricane season and how to prepare for the future by inventorying your home in case disaster strikes.

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New Feature: Simple Change Tracking

Don’t you wish there was a way to quickly know if something has changed on a file since you last viewed it? Well…now there is! We’re releasing simple change tracking for Encircle Mobile and Web users on June 21, 2018.
Simple change tracking makes keeping up-to-date on what’s happening with your files easy – watch the video below to see how:

Encircle Simple Change Tracking Video

How It Works

Open your inbox on Encircle Web or Encircle Mobile and then refresh the page. On Encircle Web, you’ll notice circles displayed on the left side of each file. On Encircle Mobile, these circles are on the right side. The circles are used to visually indicate the status of each file.Computer with Encircle Web App showing simple change tracking

What Do The Colours Mean?

Shades of purple are used to identify files that have had changes made to them since you last viewed them. The darker the shade of purple, the more changes that have been made. Here’s a breakdown of what the colours mean:

  • Orange Circle: File has been shared with you but you have not accepted or viewed it yet
  • White Circle: No changes have been made to the file since you last viewed it
  • Light Purple Circle: A small number of changes have been made
  • Medium Purple Circle: A fair amount of changes have been made
  • Dark Purple: Several changes have been made

Simple change tracking circles