Announcing Encircle v4.0.2 for Android and Apple iOS

We are excited to announce the release of v4.0.2 of Encircle with the following new features:

Support for custom box types
Now you can create your own custom box types to make that packout and packback process even easier with Encircle.  Read more about it in our new custom box types help article.
Improved box and location screens to make it easier to navigate for large contents jobs
We have further simplified the box and location screens for contents users to enable them to quickly jump to the right location or flip between the box and location screens.  It should make locating an item’s location even easier!
Support for large videos in our paid products (over 300MB)
Now users don’t have to worry about the size of videos – we will manage videos of any size when uploaded to Encircle.
Added disk clean up on Android
The disk clean up process will automatically remove unused photos and videos taken by the user 3 days after the data has been uploaded to the Encircle infrastructure.  It ensures that your mobile device only stores the necessary photos and video for the claims/inspections/inventories you are working on.  It has been supported on iOS (Apple) devices for a while now and we are bringing support to Android with this release.

Announcing Encircle v4.0.0 for Android and Apple iOS

We are excited to announce a new version of Encircle for Android and Apple iOS that goes live on April 9th, 2018.  It includes the following features:
Performance Improvements
  • Completely new mobile inbox with significant performance improvements especially for large inboxes
  • Inbox no longer downloads All Claims/Inspections in your organization instead only the ones you are working on
  • Easily search All Claims/Inspections within your organization while online
  • Seamlessly handle new claims or inspections created or assigned to your organization so you can find the job you want
Overall Enhancements
  • Streamlined the setup for new home inventory users
  • Ability to create a Link and add documents on mobile
  • Removed requirement that users enter an email address for sending a Link
  • Support for URLs in text and photo notes
  • Ability to view boxes from location screen (Encircle Claims)
Moisture Enhancements (Encircle Claims)
  • Visual indicator for your next step when opening the Drying screen
  • Faster to enter readings for a new dehumidifier
  • Improved colors for moisture points in Sketch
  • Ability to enter volume for a drying chamber
And of course lots of bug fixes too!  We look forward to your comments and feeback.

Announcing Encircle v3.10.0 for Android and Apple iOS

We are excited to annouce a new version of Encircle for Android and Apple iOS that went live on February 23, 2018.  It includes the following features:

Photo, Report and Other Enhancements

  • Ability to create items using photos from the Gallery
  • Email reports to a policyholder using a single button (Encircle Claims)
  • Ability to download a photo or video directly to your device gallery
  • Added support for Room Templates
  • Performance improvement for large claims on older devices

Moisture Enhancements

  • Ability to add photos to moisture and psychrometric readings. Reading list shows if a photo was taken!
  • Preloaded common moisture meters
  • Showcase how to easily add your own custom moisture meters

And of course lots of bug fixes too!  We look forward to your comments and feeback.

November 2017 Recap

Our monthly recap of new features, functionality and changes that you can start using today!

Send documents and capture signatures using Link

We are excited to announce a game changing solution where organizations can send documents directly to anyone’s smartphone or computer to digitally capture signatures without having to chase paper ever again. If you haven’t already imported your custom documents into Encircle, the time has never been better.

Learn More

Share claims or inspections with partners, contractors, subcontractors and others

We have changed how sharing works to make it easier to share projects with people outside of your organization. By sharing a project with another person, their entire organization will automatically have access. The project will show every person working on it to enable easy collaboration.

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Add multiple brands to your organization

Encircle provides the ability for you to brand all of your reports and Link screens using your own logo, name and address. We now support the ability for an organization to have multiple brands which is particularly helpful for insurance companies who offer solutions under different brands or subcontractors who perform work for a number of contractors. If you are interested in adding multiple brands to your Encircle organization simply reply to this email and we would be happy to help.

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Create room templates in the desktop web app

The web app now offers the ability for you to create your own custom room templates. The most common use case is that many organizations are creating room names like ’Cause of Loss’ or ‘Pre-existing Damage’ to encourage field staff to capture the right information while on site. Room templates are only available on web today but we are actively investigating porting them to mobile. We would love to hear from you if you create the majority of your claims on mobile.

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Standardize your moisture meters

The web app provides the ability for your organization to enter moisture meters and automatically share them with all of your mobile users. When adding a dry standard you can simply select the appropriate meter from the dropdown list saving your field staff time and ensuring consistency across all of your reporting. Gone are the days where you have to type out the moisture meter name every single time.

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Encircle API Beta

With Encircle’s API, organizations can now integrate their own internal systems or third party enterprise software solutions. In our first version, the Encircle API provides support to create a project, retrieve a listing of all projects, and download all of the data (reports, photos, videos, etc) within a project.

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Encircle’s Status Page

Just a reminder that we launched a status page last year so that you could be notified if Encircle ever experiences problems with our services. Check it out and sign up for notifications.

Introducing Encircle 3.6.0 – June 17, 2017


For simplicity, we use the word “file” to represent claim, inspection or inventory depending on your product.
Quick Summary
  • Completely new user interface for sharing within Encircle giving you full visibility into who can view a claim or inspection
  • Added support for new types of Encircle custom forms from equipment lists to inventory lists
  • Ability to search through all claims or inspections from the My Claims/Inspections inbox
  • Bug fixes too!

Sharing across organizations

We are excited to announce support for sharing with an entire organization!  In the past, you were required to explicitly share a file with every single person you wanted to have access.  Now, you can share a file with a single person in an organization and Encircle will automatically create a share with the organization itself.  This means that any administrator or user with self assign privileges will be able to access the claim.

To support these new capabilities, we have also revamped the sharing screens on mobile and web to show exactly who is shared on a claim.  It also allows full control over removing shares at the organization and user level.

Search anywhere for everything

One of the biggest complaints we heard when switching from Active/Archive to My Files/All Files is that users were required to switch from My Files to All Files to search through files.  Starting with this release, you can search in both All Files or My Files and it will automatically search through all of your files.  No more switching to another view just to search!

New Encircle forms capabilities

We have added the ability to add an infinite number of entries to an Encircle form as shown in the screenshot below.  It can be particularly useful for creating equipment lists or inventory lists alongside a signature from the policyholder.  If you are interested in learning more don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Encircle Claims merges with Encircle app

In order to reduce confusion as to what Encircle application to download we are discontinuing the stand alone Encircle Claims app from the iOS, Android and BlackBerry app stores. Going forward simply download the Encircle application from your respective app store and choose Encircle Claims from the list of options.
As an Encircle Claims user how will I be impacted?
It is important for our customers to understand that ALL of your data is already in the Encircle cloud and nothing will be lost.  Users of Encircle Claims can switch over to using the Encircle app today.  This can be accomplished easily by following these simple steps:
1) Sync all changes and logout of Encircle Claims.
2) Download the Encircle app

3) Log into Encircle using your existing Encircle Claims account information
4) Delete the Encircle Claims app.
Next Steps
Here is the planned timeline for the transition:
–    Oct 25th – End of Life Notification
–    Nov 17th – Final Update to Encircle Claims
–    Dec 1st – Reminder for End of Life
–    Dec 31st – Encircle Claims is removed from the mobile stores
Remember – we’re here to help!

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to  contact us.

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Introducing Encircle 3.5.13 – May 18, 2017

PRODUCT UPDATE: 3.5.13 – May 18, 2017

For simplicity, we use the terminology “Files” to represent Claims, Inspections or Inventories depending on your product.

Xact Assignments on Mobile

We are very excited to announce that the latest version of the Encircle mobile app (3.5.13) allows users to manage Xact assignments from their phone. Create claims and merge assignments just like the web app. Especially useful for those late night emergency phone calls.

Learn Xact Claims for mobile here.
Xact Mobile

Sharing Files with Organizations

We have also enhanced sharing within Encircle. Now when sharing a file, it will be visible to all admins and self assign users across the recipient organization under  “All Files”.

We appreciate all of the feedback from our customers and your contributions to making Encircle better! If you have any feedback we would love to hear from you at

Introducing Encircle 3.5.10 – March 27th, 2017


Quick Summary
Active and Archive have been replaced with My and All allowing users to have their own personal state of files. We have made significant performance improvements across the board and we now have full support for users to see files across multiple organizations.

We are very excited to share significant improvements to the Encircle solution for our users.  Dig in below to read about all of the improvements! To keep it easy to understand, I will use the word “file” to represent an inventory, inspection or claim.

Say goodbye to Archive

Based on significant customer feedback, we have replaced archiving a file across an entire organization with the ability for each user to indicate whether they are actively working on a file.  In the mobile and web inbox you will now see  My Files and All FilesMy Files will contain all of the files that have been shared with you – both pending and accepted.  All Files will contain all of the files within your organization that are visible to you, based on permissions.  At any point, an individual can leave a file by clicking the Leave File button without affecting anyone else in their organization.  All Files contains every file from your organization, including previously archived files, so that you can find everything in a single location.

For administrators, we are adding the ability for you to mark a file as open or closed in the web app.  This will modify the look of the web app All Files inbox so that you can clearly see which files are closed (greyed out) and which are still being actively worked on.

Performance improvements

As mentioned in our February update, we were making performance of the overall Encircle solution a main priority.  For users with both huge and small file inboxes, you will notice a number of improvements.  We have reduced the overall amount of memory it takes to run Encircle which will dramatically decrease the number of crashes some users were experiencing.  We have sped up the time it takes to open a claim on both web and mobile. Overall, users should see a significant improvement when using Encircle on all platforms.

Multi-Level Organizations

We now have the ability to support organization structures within Encircle instead of each organization having to use a separate instance of Encircle.  For example, if you are an insurance company with separate claims and underwriting departments managers can be part of both departments and roll up your billing to a central organization.  For contractors who have multiple locations or franchise head offices we can allow you to connect your organizations together so that they can operate separately but management can view each operation.  It will simplify billing, allow you to share resources across your different companies and give you visibility into everything happening within Encircle.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at for how we can help.

If you have any feedback we would love to hear from you at

Encircle @ Insurance Canada Technology Conference 2017

Craig Haney at ICTC 2017

I had the opportunity to attend the Insurance Canada Technology Conference (ICTC) today and wanted to share some of my thoughts.

The day started off with Craig Haney from Communitech as the keynote speaker. Craig wanted to highlight how the insurance companies in the room could become more disruptive and innovative. Traditionally, corporate innovation sessions can be full of buzzwords and promises of innovation. I was really impressed with Craig’s session for including concrete steps for how to become more innovative, some of the considerations for large companies and even a planning model borrowed from McKinsey on how to view innovation activities. Craig also talked about how bringing companies together with startups can provide a huge opportunity for both sides. He used Encircle as a great example on how we are changing the insurance industry in our partnership with Fairfax Financial. Great stats too — 1200% efficiency gains for contractors during Fort Mac (case study) and some of our insurance carriers are seeing 2–4% decreases in loss ratio — a huge savings! I loved his quote from George Halkiotis, EVP Claims at Northbridge, that “Encircle is a game changer”.

After the keynote, we moved to break out sessions, which covered a number of separate topics including everything from blockchain to analytics to machine learning. However, when you were listening to the speakers the same themes came up over and over again:

Companies need to be more customer centric rather than internally driven

It is critical to understand the needs of your customers and to visualize their perspective. Many insurance companies force their business processes onto their customers rather than changing processes to match customer needs.

Business models are changing

There were threats that entire product lines could disappear (e.g. 500B in direct auto insurance) and that new solutions are going after insurance business that was not financially viable (e.g. Lemonade).

Moving towards a generation of digital insurance

The next generation of customers not only grew up with computers but also with mobile phones. Pen and paper based processes are not only seen as outdated but incompatible.

Existing mentality within insurance companies is one of their biggest limitations

While there was universal belief that insurance companies needed to be more innovative, the path towards that state was unclear. One speaker commented on how spin outs were becoming more common as a way to solve this problem but overall culture continues to be a major impediment within established companies.

Overall, it was clear that change is here and you need to start dealing with it. In talking with other attendees they appreciated the overview across a number of new topics — blockchain to deep learning — along with an opportunity to network with their peers. Happy I attended!

Introducing Encircle 3.5.4 – January 17th, 2017

Product Update: 3.5.4

Encircle is already off to a great start in 2017.  We are excited to launch our latest update to the Android and iOS applications.  The biggest new feature is the ability for users to provision policyholders using Link from the mobile device.  You no longer have to log into the web app to add policyholders to your claims or inspections!

We have also included a number of improvements to the user experience:

  • Easier to use network diagnostics
  • Easy to access contact buttons on the claim screen
  • Enter negative temperatures for moisture and psychrometric readings

We are always looking for feedback on how we can continue to improve the overall experience using Encircle.  If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us.